The Assertiveness Upgrade

5 Lessons to Leave Your Mark and Live on Your Own Terms

Welcome friend,

You’ve arrived at a crossroads.

This isn’t just another mindset ‘hack’ or quick-fix solution, it’s a calling. A calling to those who are ready to STOP the toxic, draining habits in their life:

  • Stop saying, “yes…” when you really want to say, “NO!”
  • Stop leaving your self-worth on the table during conflict and negotiation.
  • Stop letting other people take advantage of your kindness.

Hey I’m Kevin,

I’m a personal development coach, speaker, and educator.

But I struggled socially in my youth.

And later on, I had difficulty navigating my personal and professional relationships.

I only wish someone had told me sooner about the life-changing benefits of learning to be more assertive.

Welcome to
The Free 5 Day Assertiveness Upgrade

In this revolutionary training, we’re not just going to talk about assertiveness — we’re going to live it, breathe it, and embody it over the next 5 days, together.

Each day, you’ll receive a powerful lesson, an action step, and scientifically backed insights that can fundamentally alter how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with others.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Day 1: Put and end to putting others’ needs above your own.
  • Day 2: Uncover the secrets of your life-force energy.
  • Day 3: Learn to say, “No!” without feeling guilty.
  • Day 4: How to wield your new powers responsibly.
  • Day 5: Embrace your potency — embodying assertiveness.

Each lesson is delivered via email and only takes 5 minutes of your time.

In just five short days you’ll feel empowered to stand up for yourself, get your needs met, and live more authentically than ever before (while still treating others with respect and dignity).

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