Freedom From Judgement

As the welded, high school desk-chair combo, now free from my enraged grip, sailed across my 10th grade creative writing classroom, I realized that even destruction of property would have no effect on the surging wave of emotions set forth in my body.

I would often keep my anger pent up inside.  I would play it cool, as if nothing ever bothered me.  Clearly it had just been building up for some time.

Growing up diagnosed with ADHD, at least at an early age, I was taught that something was wrong with me, that something inside me didn’t work the way it was supposed to and so I had to take medication to “fix it.”

I would later come to find there was nothing wrong with me.  There was something wrong with a society built on industrial domination.  A society that strictly values logic over feelings and often has no place for people who are more sensitive. People who are born to be artists, creators, inventors, and entrepreneurs.  And so often we have to make our own place in the world.

We might look to Albert Einstein, now praised for his theory of relativity.  At around age 2 when he finally began to learn to speak was given the nickname “der Depperte,” or “the dopey one.”  His slow development and rebellious attitude would have him kicked out of one school and declared mostly useless at the next.

— So rest assured dear reader, if the world has no place for you, you’re likely destined for much greater than mediocrity. — 

And when one of my 10th grade classmates had a few choice names to call me that fateful day in the hallway, it triggered something primal and untamed in me.  I’d had enough of being treated like there was something wrong with me

And within a few months I decided to ditch the meds and chose ‘the natural way.’  I decided that I was going to be true to nature as best I could, while figuring it out on my own.  Even though all of the authority figures were telling me I was broken and I needed to be fixed, I knew deep down that it just wasn’t true.

And so I spent the next two decades focusing on personal development.  Through healthy lifestyle changes I overcame chronic illness, asthma, and allergies that plagued my childhood.  I went from being deathly afraid of asking for a raise to being self-employed, and eventually starting my own business and hiring a few employees, just to name a few.

But even through all the successes something still wasn’t clicking into place.  I still felt like I wasn’t quite in alignment with my authentic desires. And eventually I stumbled upon a path of healing that I couldn’t have imagined possible.

As I began to work with the wisdom of the body and the nervous system, things really started to change for me.  I realized that I was often playing out dysfunctional patterns that I learned in early childhood.

And that’s when other people’s judgements stopped hitting so hard.  That’s when things really came into focus and I was able to begin pursuing my desires and my passions, rather than feeling like I had to “push through” on things that weren’t really aligned with my values.  That’s when I learned how to tolerate difficult emotions and set healthy boundaries.

That’s when the real healing came for me.

And I want the same for you…

So I put together a free 20 minute training to help you work out the kinks, empower your unique abilities, and have more freedom from judgement, and more freedom to be yourself.

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