Movement, Origins, and Myth

An Ecology for Transformation

The work I do with clients is diverse.

That’s because rarely is there a one size fits all solution that applies from one person to the next.

Our challenges, and the path to overcome them are as varied as the roads that led us here in the first place.

Personally I’ve overcome things like:

  • Asthma
  • ADHD
  • Chronic GI illness
  • & Chronic Pain (from injuries, overuse, and repetitive strain)

It would seem that overcoming challenges has been my life’s work.

And when people first come to work with me…

They tend to struggle with things like:

  • Burnout — and are looking for a change
  • Uncertainty — about whether they’re heading in the right direction
  • Pain — physical, mental, emotional (they’re all connected)
  • Or, they’re feeling stuck — held in place by some sticky habits

We typically resolve these initial challenges rather quickly.

Often within just a handful of sessions…
Habits are changed, authenticity is empowered, and balance is restored

That’s the power of creativity and a willingness to go beyond convention.

We have the ability to generate rapid, lasting change when we align with our true nature.
Change that feels more like coming back home to your own body.

And those that continue our work together:

Are often surprised by their results and the depth of what we can achieve together.

Consider the following diagram to get a better sense of how you might benefit from working with me as your guide.

An Ecology for Transformation

Your body is a long lost resource in today’s digital world.

In a world where movement has become optional…

And feeling disconnected from the sensations in our body is the norm…

Embodied practices are the key to rapid, lasting growth and change.

Through innovative methods of inquiry and metaphor — our unconscious motivations, inhibitions, and triggers are revealed.

And by getting the body involved to access an inner sense of knowing — we can reclaim our hidden resources, get a clear view of what’s ahead, and take concrete steps towards our goals.

Creativity is a fundamental priority for leaders and entrepreneurs.

Often times, hidden tension and stressors keep our creativity at arms length.

And in an age of information overload…

Honing your attention and your awareness will give you just the leg up you need to reach your next threshold.

If you’d like to explore whether working together would be a good fit for us

Let’s set up a call, at no cost —

This is an opportunity for us to meet…

For me to get a better understanding of the challenges you’re up against…

And for your to get a feel for whether or not I’m someone you’d like to have in your corner.

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What people are saying…

Nicholas Borsellino

Creative Entrepreneur

“To say you’ve been a huge help would be an understatement.  Your work has been life changing.  I’ve seen more improvement in our first few weeks together than I have in 5 years of traditional therapy.”

Les O’Hara

Founder of The Contractor Huddle

“Re-learning the fundamentals of good posture, active breathing, and slowing my frenetic pace has been a true game changer for me. Kevin has put me on a path to higher wellness and health thru his embodiment coaching. I sincerely look forward to my daily reminders and exercises to become more aware of my body and my surroundings.”

Kathryn Verville

Mother Yogi

“I hadn’t been prioritizing time for myself or my creative pursuits and was feeling physically and emotionally drained. But, since attending one of Kevin’s workshops I’ve found that over time I’ve been integrating more confidence, balance and being able to speak my truth. This has been huge for me.  Themes from the workshop continue to appear in my dream state and shed new light.  I’m looking forward to the next one!”

Jacquelyn Marie


“I didn’t realize how stressed I was until Kevin’s workshop started.  I was having trouble taking action in my life and feeling stuck with a few bad habits.  I was nervous to approach these uncomfortable feelings at first but I’m glad I made the decision to overcome all that.  His workshop was healing and I felt empowered and confident afterwards.”

Thomas Typinski

Founder of Lions Den Detroit

“I just got off a call with Kevin where he’s been working with me to remove some blocks I’ve had in my life.  If you get the chance to schedule a one-on-one with him I highly recommend it!”