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“This just blew my mind!” – Travis W.

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Holding tension, taking aim

The word intention derives its meaning from:

  • Drawing a bow
  • Holding tension
  • And taking aim with it

That is, our effortful control of attention on a perceivable object.

Much of our understanding of the world comes from our physical, bodily interactions with our environment.

If you assume the position of drawing a bow and take aim…

Your body automatically moves into a physiological state of focus.

Until next time,

Even after burning her to a crisp, I still recommend it

Contrary to popular belief…

The Sun is not something to be feared and avoided like the plague.

To elucidate our sometimes silly human efforts to control nature I’ve provided an example:

While sunscreen can serve a very useful purpose (Just ask my ex who burned to a crisp after my unsolicited advice to avoid sunscreen altogether).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the foresight to mention the importance of slowly building a base tan as an alternative.

Regardless, most sunscreens simply prevent sunburn (by blocking UVB rays).

They do not block the “harmful” rays (UVA & UVC).

So what does?

Turns out melanin, our body’s natural protective response to sunlight exposure, the elusive and highly sought after “sun tan”, does the trick.

Who would have thought?

Just like plants, humans needs sunlight to grow, be healthy, and function at our best:

  • It boosts serotonin levels in the brain.
  • Is essential for Vitamin D production.
  • And, eye exposure to natural light increases alertness and ability to focus.

So, make sure to stock up during the week.

Until next time,

Will it be you?

It’s been said that humans are the symbolic animal…

And what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is that we seek to make meaning of the world around us.

That’s pretty darn useful…

A meaningful and connected life, in the grand scheme of things, is going to be tough to get down on yourself about.

Industrialization certainly made a lot of “stuff” available to the masses…

But it also set a dangerous precedent of meaningless and repetitive work in exchange for prizes.

We can see from a drastic rise in depressive disorders that something isn’t working…

Something needs to change…

But who is going to change it?

Who will make things better?

Will it be you?

Until next time,

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